Marian R. Weisenfeld, LICSW

Geriatric Care Managers are professionals who specialize in assisting older adults and their extended families in planning, accessing, and arranging for a variety of elder care resources. Geriatric Care Managers (GCMs):

  • Possess extensive knowledge about the cost, quality, availability, and process for accessing services in the community 
  • Provide direct services, such as individual therapy or family counseling

Geriatric Care Management and Family Counseling Services include: 

  • Conducting care-planning assessments identifying eligibility for assistance, need for services, potential problem areas, and community supports 
  • Acting as a liaison and point person for families living away from their parents 
  • Providing consumer education and advocate for effective services 
  • Organizing, screening, and monitoring in-home care and other services 
  • Providing crisis intervention 
  • Conducting home safety evaluations 
  • Offering individual and family counseling and support 
  • Consulting with families considering alternative living situations such as assisted living, disabled housing, respite care, or long-term nursing home care 
  • Reviewing financial, legal, or medical issues (such as advance directives) and offering referrals to qualified professionals in these areas 
  • Coordinating the sometimes difficult transitions along the continuum of care through acute care settings, rehabilitation centers, home care agencies, medical care providers, and other community agencies

We have advanced clinical training in:

  • Social work 
  • Gerontology
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Dementia related to other illnesses
  • Grief counseling 
  • Family therapy

Our services range from:

  • Single consultation, including a comprehensive assessment and a written service plan
  • Ongoing care coordination, consultation, and support

There is no fee for our initial informational telephone conversation, after which an agreement will be prepared outlining the specific services desired. Services include: 

  • Initial interviews 
  • Preparation of an assessment and service plan
  • Ongoing client and family contacts 
  • Family conferences 
  • Telephone calls on behalf of the client 
  • Consultations with other professionals
  • Correspondence 
  • Clinical counseling services 
  • Travel time

Please contact us with any questions about geriatric care management or family counseling services.

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